Case Study

Gender : Male
Age : 27Yrs
Sport : Playing cricket since 11 years of age. Right-handed batsman.

He started his journey with the SynPhNe Nudge Sports Peak Performance Program in Dec, 2022. He is a trained Yoga Professional, a Sport Psychologist based and a professional cricketer in Bangalore.
He has encountered several injuries and surgery. Our main goal was to identify his post-injury
compensatory tendencies as well as habits and re-establish stability and posture so that it helps him
stay free of repetitive injury and to improve his performance as a cricketer.


  • Stress fracture (Lower back L2) (2015- 16),
  • Hip joint stiffness (L>R) (2018-19, 2020)
  • PCL and medial meniscus tear (Left leg) (2021-22)- Surgically repaired.
  • Tight supinator and wrist extensors
  • Non-alignment in hip-knee-ankle joints
  • Right leg more active than left
  • Right brain hemisphere more dominant
  • Stiff left hip

Six sessions of training using real-time feedback enabled him to start unlearning the habits that were compensatory. He focused on training to

  • Improve posture and stability in Upper and Lower limb muscles,
  • Posture correction to relax the neck and shoulder muscles while executing movements or tasks,
  • Enhance relaxed and fuller breathing during the course of the day, with techniques to relax rib-
    cage and diaphragm
  • Stabilize the shoulder and to not rotate the back unconsciously
  • Stabilize elbow by engaging appropriate muscles while executing arm movements and grasps
  • Engage the appropriate muscles to enhance the ability to control tightness of hand grip,
  • Equalize weight distribution and improve non-alignment in hip-knee and ankle joints.

OUTCOME: The athlete has now

  • Improved relaxation and breathing self-regulation
  • A more stable attention span and improved hemispheric brain symmetry for better bi-manual performance. However, he still needs to work on symmetry as it may affect processing speed and
    early fatigue.
  • His left brain hemisphere fatigues early due to poor perfusion and overuse. This would be an area of future focus and tracking.
  • Ability to stabilize left hip and leg without injury is key to improved performance as right handed batsman.

He is continuing his prescribed exercises and techniques taught for improved breathing, lower fatigue, right hip-knee-ankle stability.