Nudge for athletes and teams

According to data available from US schools, around 70% of the kids stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 years because “it’s just not fun anymore”. These five words are a reflection of their mental connection with the sport rather than their physical capability. By the age of 18, only 26% of athletes stay active. Inability to cope with competitive pressure and lack of strong mental preparation are the two most common reasons for this huge dropout.

drop out by the age of 12 years
drop out by the age of 14 years
drop out by the age of 18 years

Athletes across any sport start playing it initially for fun, sometimes to distract themselves from boredom, sometimes because their best buddy is playing that sport. Sometimes their parents push them into some sport for recreation or on a few occasions because they genuinely believe that they can make it big. As they enter their formative years (8 to 12 yr) they grow interested towards a specific sport that suits them and start developing their skills and physique for it. From the age of 12, they will be playing games regularly and discovering their competitive streak. This is also the age where hormonal changes and other distractions start playing a role in their life. Pressure and expectations increase, and anxiety starts playing a detrimental role in their performance, leading to drop outs. Because of this, we may have lost out on a special talent only because they were not mentally conditioned to handle these internal and external triggers. This is where Nudge Sports comes in.

Nudge Sports with its ASAP (Athletes Sport Aptitude Profiling) and PEP (Performance Enhancement Program) offers athletes techniques and strategies for performance improvement. Its holistic mental conditioning program helps the athletes cope with setbacks and stress.

  • Mental conditioning programs 
    • PEP With experienced sport & performance psychologists 
    • Individualized plans
    • ASAP – pre & post assessments
  • Sports nutrition 
    • With sports nutrition consultants
    • Individualized plans
    • Pre & post assessments