To enable sporting excellence and build a champion mindset through our programs and interactions.


To build a strong sporting community by nudging the athlete to become not just a better player but a stronger and a socially conscious individual.

Nudge Sports is dedicated to empowering athletes for consistent peak performance and mental wellbeing. We prioritize the ‘fine margins’ of success, focusing on mental conditioning as integral to training. By refining the 5 mental muscles—motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, and mind state—we ensure athletes perform at their best.

Our impact extends beyond sports into corporate cultures where peak performance is crucial. Nudge Sports adapts the sports model to assist executives in high-pressure environments, acting as a ‘nudging’ catalyst for improved decisions about health, happiness, and wealth.

More than a training program, at Nudge Sports, we aim to be the driving force behind individuals and teams making optimal decisions for peak performance, both on and off the field.

Founder & Director

Amit Gadkari

With over 27 years of leadership spanning India and the Middle East across an impressive portfolio including global brands like Montblanc, Villeroy & Boch, Fila, and Marcolin Eyewear, Amit has held key roles at RPG Group, Reliance Industries, Marico, and Renaissance Group.

Beyond the boardroom, Amit is an active cricketer with a background in age group cricket and badminton for Mumbai. A seasoned executive, avid reader, blogger, and cycling enthusiast, he maintains a keen pulse on global sporting landscapes.

Amit’s dedication to mental health in sports is evident through his role as the CEO and founding trustee of Cricketers’ Foundation, a sports philanthropy trust (www.cricketersfoundation.org). Here, he spearheaded mental conditioning for teenage Mumbai cricketers, collaborating with a leading sport psychology organization that has supported athletes at the Olympics and Mumbai’s domestic and international cricket arenas.

Driven by the overwhelming response to these initiatives and a passion for addressing performance related as well as mental health challenges, Amit launched Nudge Sports—a commitment to fostering holistic development and well-being among young adolescents and competitive athletes.

The Core Team

Nudge Sports is powered by a dynamic team of seasoned Sport & Performance Psychologists and Counseling Psychologists. With qualifications from top-tier universities in India, the UK, Canada, and the US in clinical psychology, applied psychology, sport & exercise psychology, and behavioral neuroscience, they not only bring a robust work ethic but also a wealth of experience, having positively impacted over 10,000 athletes across a diverse spectrum of 100 different sports.

The team has proven expertise in working with athletes at every level—from schools and colleges to elite national and international stages, including Olympians and Paralympians.

The Advisory Team

Prof. Shailesh V. Shrikhande

Deputy Director, Tata Memorial Hospital

Sujjain Talwar

Senior Partner, Economic Laws Practice

Hemchandra Javeri

CEO Investor, Board Member–Forum Synergies

Dilip Doshi

Ex Indian Cricketer & Entrepreneur

Sairaj Bahutule

Ex Indian Cricketer, Spin Bowling Coach NCA & Rajasthan Royals

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