Life on the field for Athletes

Athletes function under immense pressure, responding to their surroundings in a fight or flight mode which doesn’t always yield the ideal outcome. Under these strenuous conditions, their performance is compromised, results are underwhelming and the athletes are often fatigued, tensed or disoriented. Several factors come into play resulting in a downward curve in their performance and overall well-being such as:

  1. Tensing up of muscles, altering movement and balance
  2. Sudden, temporary loss of focus
  3. Freezing, inability to respond or suboptimal response
  4. Poor situational awareness and adaptability
  5. Inability to get into “the zone” as often as required

Our Value Proposition:
We combine wearable technology and sport psychology to synergize the brain & muscle, preparing athletes for a sustained and an injury free peak performance

What is SynPhNe?

SynPhNe or Synergistic Physio Neuro platform is the world’s first wearable solution that trains the brain and the muscles in one system. Backed by 15 years of research and validation, this wearable piece of technology serves as a complement to
every training system in the world.

How does it work?

  • SynPhNe works by detecting the electrical bio-signals in the muscles and the brain using specially designed wearables.
  • By using a combination of sensory, exploratory and goal-directed training as feedback from the device, coaches and athletes will be able to self-correct attention, movements and identify root causes for a decline in performance in real-time.
  • Specific metrics and analytics derived from this solution will help the individual develop a personalised and comprehensive program plan to enhance their athletic performance.
  • This patented technology is also beneficial to physiotherapists and psychologists to complement their training plans for athletes.

What are the benefits?

With SynPhNe, an athlete can achieve a host of benefits that will cumulatively enable them to reach peak performance.

Improved physical and
mental energy.

Enhanced ability to filter distractions.

Better body

Managing pressure
and injuries.

Nudge Sports & SynPhNe

Nudge Sports is proud to partner with SynPhNe to deliver enhanced training, performance and results for athletes to help them reach greater heights in the sports arena.
If you’d like to learn more, call us at +9198205 47247

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