Performance Enhancement Program for Kids (PEP)

Children are inherently active beings who develop a knack for fun and games from an early age. However, studies have shown that by the age of 13, this interest starts to wane with 3 out of 4 kids dropping out of active sports for a myriad of reasons: difficulty in managing multiple focus areas, pressures in schoolwork, distractions of social media and friends, expectations from peers, coaches and parents and most of all, the sport not being fun anymore.

Our Performance Enhancement Programs (PEP) for Kids helps parents and coaches to bring the PEP back in their kids’ steps to achieve their goals in competitive sports that not only engages but also nurtures their mental and physical well-being.

These programs are conducted by experienced Sport and Performance psychologists who have worked with kids, competitive and elite athletes; spaced out as 30-45 minutes per session in multiple languages. 

With a deep understanding of the dynamics of mental conditioning as a child transitions from a junior level to senior or elite levels in their respective sports, our sport psychologists take parents, coaches and their children who are training in competitive sports, on a journey to improve their performance, focus, mind, growth and sporting abilities. 

We also include parents, coaches, academies, schools and other associations as part of these sessions. This helps bridge potential gaps by providing the necessary tools to understand the mental aspects of the game while learning to resolve conflicts.

Our programs under Performance Enhancement Program for Kids (PEP)

  1. Psycho-education & awareness
    This section of our program provides awareness and understanding of emotional and motivational aspects of athletes on the field to help them cope with stress and emotional downtime which may affect their game and mind. 
  2. Understanding the emotional vocabulary
    We assist children to express their emotions to better understand their state of mind, most notably children who have been exposed to a pressure-packed environment such as a sports field.
  3. General mind management
    We help kids achieve their goals through mental conditioning and training – coping with instances that would often hinder their performance such as stress, anxiety, pressure and more on the field and in their personal lives.
  1. Education & Sports
    By combining the tools and methods mentioned earlier along with understanding the dynamics of a game or sport, we hope to provide children with a well-rounded learning experience while helping them recover their love for the sport.
  2. Parent & coach programs
    The roles of parents and coaches in the formative years of a child is crucial and striking the right balance between being a coach and a supportive parent or learning the art of separating the two is imperative for the emotional and physical well-being of the child. 
  1. Creative activities for kids
    Not only do we help children understand the importance of physical strength in a game but offer creative and fun ways to build their mental strength as well with carefully curated activities.

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