Brought to you in association with SynPhNe™, the world’s first connected, wearable technology that trains the brain and muscle in one system, the Nudge Room is a dedicated physical space where athletes can work on their mental, physical and rehabilitation needs under the supervision of sport psychologists, neuro-therapists, neuro-psychologists, analysts, sport nutritionists and sport medicine experts.

The Neuropsychological assessment will include assessing cognitive flexibility, problem-solving, conceptual reasoning, & multitasking abilities, along with inhibition control and nonverbal and verbal creativity. In case of injury rehabilitation or pre-existing medical conditions, you will be required to carry your reports to the first consultation. 

Currently the Nudge Room is present only in Pune city. For further details, call us at +91 93727 71167


If you want to recover from an injury or reach peak performance, book your Nudge Room session here.

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