Coach Up - Empowering Coaches

With 1 out of 5 young athletes dropping out of sport after the age of 15 at an alarming rate, it is extremely important for coaches to understand the importance of mental conditioning. Young athletes often may lack the clarity and reasoning behind this dissolved interest over time while losing sight of their potential. To help align both sides towards same path of success, we have created an exclusive program for coaches called Coach Up, in partnership with Discovery SPL. 

Coaching is a difficult endeavour and a multidimensional job with many facets. With Coach Up, we aim to provide the necessary tools for coaches so they can mentor or train with confidence while helping young athletes realise their true potential that converts into their desired performance and outcome. 

Aligning the goals and aspirations of both sides is made possible with Effective Coaching. At Coach Up, we elaborate on the importance of management, athlete understanding, delivery and technical knowledge, catapulting both the coach and the athlete to success. While envisioning long-term success, we help solidify the points on development, stability, team cohesion and high performance, bringing you one step closer to your desired coaching goals.  

Our programs under Coach Up:

Communication is key, and this is what sets the mediocre coach and a successful visionary apart. With the evolution of the young mindset that’s changing rapidly, coaches will need to adapt through changes in their communication styles for the younger generation.  

In line with changes in the younger mindset, coaches will need to work towards a better understanding of their athletes’ personalities and being mindful of the same during their one on one coaching sessions or on the field.  

Structuring a comprehensive and concise debriefing session with your athletes is imperative – with a goal and intention to hone their skills into better athletes and evolve your abilities to a new level as a coach. Through our Debriefing session, we elucidate the art of debriefing with insights on variations and styles centred around the situation and your athletes.  

A dip in performance, health concerns and developmental issues are some of the tell-tale signs that hinder one’s path to success. In this module, we help identify and understand these obstacles while providing the necessary tools to overcome them.